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Compositions and Publishers
(Listed by David Deason)

Tritone/Tenuto Publications

  • Doubletake for Trumpet and Alto Saxophone              

Dorn Publications

  • Five Diversions for Flute and Soprano Saxophone
  • Six Inventions for Woodwind Quintet
  • Glow! for Alto and Tenor Saxophones
  • Two Studies for Flute and Soprano Saxophone

Seesaw Music Publishers

  • Wind Tunnels for Brass trio
  • Entropy for Woodwind trio
  • Four Pieces for Guitar and Harpsichord
  • Fantasy Pieces for Violin and Harpsichord
  • Polarity for Two Clarinets
  • Quartet for Flute, Bassoon, Violin, and Cello

Faust Music Publishers

  • Musica Sonante for Horn Alone

Castleridge Music Publishers
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  • Furry Lise  for Piano

  • Letís Rock for Piano
  • Nessieís Loch Ness Lullaby  for Piano
  • Gossamer Rings for Soprano Saxophone and Symphonic Band
  • Jazz Partita for Alto Saxophone Solo
    Music for 8 Saxophones and Vibraphone

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